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This one perhaps?

As a diversion from the real and serious happenings in the Middle East, I thought tonight I might explore a totally useless and utterly frivolous subject.  That of Galyna Kolotnytska the nurse, who first came to public notice through a WikiLeaks cable and was described as the “voluptuous” Ukrainian nurse who was Gaddafi’s constant companion these past nine years. 

Little, it seems is known about her.  Her age is only guessed at by various agencies.  38 seems a reasonable supposition.  How close she was to the mad dictator these last nine years is, the subject of fevered speculation.

It seems we cannot even be sure what she looks like.  Just try to sort out a Google Image inquiry!  The picture above of a very pretty woman who may or may not be thought “voluptuous” yet is being touted as the real one by Order Order – a political blog in Britain.  Not sure myself.  Yeah, she looks nice but nurse-like?  Ukrainian?  Think not.  Happy to be proved wrong of course.

Now the one here is The Guardian’s shot at the prize.  Yeah, definitely a bit more voluptuous a real …. perhaps … here.

Undoubtedly we will find out.  Recently flown out by Ukrainian airways, she is returned to Kiev.  I am sure Ms Kolotnytska is presently happily holed up with her agents and a slew of publishers vying for her favours.  How much would you pay for a blonde’s eye view of the day to day medical history of the monster of the month?  TV, radio, books, celebrity all beckon.  I give it three months before the book is on the shelves.  The perfect summer beach romance. 

Meanwhile Baird thinks she should look like this…


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