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“Who done it?”

With all the events rushing round the world I all but forgot that the blog has passed its first birthday.  I know, it seems just like yesterday.

I took the opportunity to see which posts had proved most popular and the results were actually a bit of a surprise.

1 The Political Wedding of the Year
2 Guatemala: Pox, Bananas and American Exploitation
3  United Fruit Company
4  American Stereotypes Of Europe Put On A Map
5 Chelsea Clinton Pregnant!  Maybe…
6 John Hanson – Pining for the Fjords?
7 The Barak and Michelle Obama Paper Doll & Cut-out book
8  2014 How to survive the next world crisis.
9  American Caesars: The Lives of the US Presidents – A Book review
10 Munro’s Doctrine, Fiske and Palin’s Corollary

The trees have proved perennially popular as I see they get downloaded quite often, as do some of the cartoons.  Especially the one for The United Fruit Company entry!

And as I said when it passed its 100th entry I find that a blog is never entirely a personal rant.  There are discussions and others have offered their ideas and suggestions too.  It becomes more co-operative.  And if I can, may I thank those other blogs who liked items sufficiently to upload them onto their sites or give references to mine.  In particular I want to take the opportunity to thank James at PoliticalDog for his continued support – and jibes, spelling corrections, digs and laughs.

Someone asked where I get the ideas.  Well maybe the cartoon above is part of it.  A perfect restorative from the weekly grind is sitting in Bennet’s Bar in Morningside considering the death (and possible murder) of democracy in the United States and wondering “Who Done It”.

Thank you all again.


Copyright David Macadam 2011