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Further to my couple of posts earlier regarding the evils of Redistricting (“My top ten Gerrymandered Districts“, and” Redistricting, Gerrymandering and the American Democratic Deficit“), I have found that some Americans are not willing to take this sitting down.  No way.  There is at least one man in Pennsylvania who wants to make a real attention seeking point about the foul, mean, downright undemocratic games, that are played about re-districting.

He is Paul Mathison, a local lobbyist for 25 years who brings issues to the attention of the legislature at Harrisburg.

So he is off to run 1000 miles in a journey he calls ThePennUlitimateRun.  It even has its own Facebook paqe.  Go and have a look.  Give the guy the encouragement he deserves.

What Paul wants are simple things, like transparency in the process, (as if!), districts based on geography not who lives in them, and removal of politics from the process.

He started off on Friday and you can follow him on Facebook.  Go on give him a cheer!

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