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Governor Rick Scott of Florida
Picture source: witwisdom.wordpress.com

Further to my previous posts about Gerrymandering and Re-districting, one correspondent asked me the not terribly stupid question of “If people don’t like the districts being drawn this way why don’t they just vote against it?”

Well, as the old saw says “If voting changed anything they would ban it”.  But to expand on that a bit, let us look at what is going on down in Florida – even as I write.

There, Governor Rick Scott (Republican) is doing his absolute damnest to stymie the expressed will of the people who did just that!  Way back in November the good voters of Florida turned out and voted for Amendments 5 and 6 which would bring the dark arts of drawing the districts to keep oneself in office to a close – at least in Florida. 

The problem is that Rick Scott, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Lord Voldemort, is in no rush whatsoever to enact the expressed will of the people.  He thinks he needs more information and wants to hold out until statistical information from the recent Census is to hand.

So now we see just how absolutely essential this dirty little administrative trick is to him or any other entrenched politician.  Remember it’s not just the Republicans!

But Rick is being somewhat less subtle than most!

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