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Right now things are tight.  Petrol (gas ) just keeps going up and up, prices are just stupid and inflation is back.  But, unless you are some kind of merchant banker, you aren’t being paid a penny more and are probably just happy to hold onto your job.

And don’t get me started about pensions!

So it was a delight to fall across this wonderful project thingy called “How Much Did You Pay For War THIS YEAR? “.   It was mentioned on Maureen Holland’s “WhateverWorks” blogsite and is from “Rethink Afghanistan” .  The contraption takes the form of one of those forms where you enter what you earn, and it will work out for you how much you pay from your tax to the American War Machine this year.

If you earn $30,000 and are single (hardly a king’s ransom in pay) you paid $1,118 of it to shooting up Afghanistan.

If you earn $50,000 and are married (again not a fortune) $1,826 went from your hard earned wages to dynamiting wedding parties in Kabul.

Now, there will be all sorts of arguments that the calculator includes this or that it shouldn’t but hey even if it’s just close its interesting.   And, you have been doing this for ten years now with no sign that this drain on your purse is anywhere near coming to an end.

Very American isn’t it?  So it must be frivolous and stupid?  Not in the least.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the guys there could roll one out for us across the pond.

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