Clifford Tucker, Photo source:

Clifford Tucker is a British born man who has lived most of his life in Australia.  He has had his children there, who have now grown up.  Mr Tucker Aged 47,  however never applied for citizenship, which as it turns out has been unfortunate for Mr Tucker. 

You see, Mr Tucker is a career criminal who has served time for a number of offences including attempted murder, and the Australian authorities have decided that enough is enough, and not renewed his Visa. 

Which means that despite having lived there for long and weary, and having all his family and friends there he was deported the other day back to ol’ Blighty and E Land O’ the  Poms.  To add injury to insult the Government also charged him not simply his own airfare back home, but the fare and expenses of the two Immigration Officers accompanying him. 

Does anyone else see the wonderful irony in Australia deporting her criminals to Britain?

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