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It has been something that has always struck me about American Politicians.  It is that it doesn’t matter which party they belong to, or whatever cause they espouse, they all speak very well.  And I don’t just mean they have a nice accent.

Almost universally, United States politicians are confident eloquent and commanding public speakers.  Whether they are on the local stump, declaiming from the back of railway cars on the prairie, or in one on one conversations with Letterman or Stewart they invariably come across well.

There are very few poor speakers in American political life and those that do come through like both Bushes are wickedly spoofed and ridiculed for their poor rhetoric and shoddy oratory.

It seems that this attention to the way the candidate sounds is spreading here, and for once this is an American import of which I unreservedly approve. It is something that the American education system instils in so many – the ability for anyone in any field of life to speak well in public.

Today we learn that one of our nation’s poorest speakers, either in a one to one radio spot, or the big set piece occasion, is to seek a surgical fix (how very American) to remedy  what God so lamentably failed to bestow on him.

Edward Miliband, the leader of the British Labour Party, and everyone’s least favourite second-choice-made-better-than-his-brother-who-everyone-really- wanted is to go to have surgeons remove his whiny, dreary, life-less, nasal, whinging, boring, bunged-up, weaselly voice, and restore it to, well to anything else would be an improvement.  At the moment he sounds like a depressed Wallace out of “Wallace and Gromit”.

And, to add insult they intend to do this electoral improvement on the public purse through the National Health.

His adenoidal, oily, mirth inspiring tones have ensured his is the most recognised voice in British politics – and certainly the one most imitated and mocked.  It is so bad that Labour managers have turned to desperate measures to turn this round and save the next election.  Cos this guy and his adenoids are one great gold plated election loser.  .

So what do they plan to do about the bulging eyes, the nervous ticks and the lifeless face?.

Work in progress it seems.

Copyright David Macadam 2011