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Back on November 13th last year I was moved to take a poke against everyone’s favourite billionaire show-off-fat-bastard-arsehole, or as he is better known in America, Donald Trump.  I suggested then that whilst we waited patiently for the political curtain to go up and the real candidates to come on stage we might be entertained by this clown.

I fear I underestimated the American public at this time.  It’s clear they are in a very funny mood and it is throwing predictions for the lists of those who might actually step up to the primaries right out the window.

Donald should never be there.  Donald has never really been a “Politician”.  He never came across as having sufficient patience to play the long game that is the cursus honorum.  After all he presents as a successful businessman turned TV celebrity.  Hence I, and others too, saw his foray into the Primaries as fluff and  bluster, Donald being silly and provocative.

However it seems that even if I did not take this puffed up fool seriously, large numbers of the Republican party have taken him all too
much at his word.

The latest PPP Poll has come out showing The Donald leading the pack.  By a mile.  Here are the figures.

Donald Trump    26%

Mike Huckabee       17%

Mitt Romney            15%

Newt Gingrich          11%

Sarah Palin                8%

Ron Paul                   5%

Bachmann                 4%

Pawlenty                    4%

Republican grandees will be spinning.  They cannot stand the man and cannot countenance his running as the front Republican runner.  The problem is that the electorate is in a funny mood.  They are no longer deferential.  Gone are the days of them doing as they are told.  They hate all politicians whatever their complexion, and all those bloody professionals, university experts, financial wizz-kids who crashed the economy and ruined their businesses, devalued their houses and threaten their jobs and their homes.

They love him though.

For the Grandees the real problem might be that, should Donald take the fit, he could easily afford to run as an independent.  Remember Ross Perot?  He could easily split the vote and let Obama back in with ease.  I wonder what they will do now?  If I were Donald I’d be checking my seat belt in the mornings, –  it’s going to be a rough ride.

For those who do not realise what a Trump Presidency would mean in terms of, oh let’s say, energy policy, Donald would simply sort out the
oil problem by taking it from Iraq and Libya.  You don’t believe me?  Well, the following U-Tube interview on CNN with Candy Crowley will shock you.  It certainly scares me.

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