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Those who have followed my blog know my love of maps.  I have always thought they show the world afresh bringing something new every day.

The maps above are a happy correspondence.  As the legends on them show they seem to represent two separate and different things.   The one above, coloured shows the voting patterns across a huge swathe of the deep South during the Election in 2008.  The individual units are county boundaries.  Blue for Democrat and Red for Republican with the hues darkening with the strength of the vote.

The one below is a map of “Cotton Production in 1860” drawn up on the eve of the Civil War.

They correspond with striking closeness. And that says something about social mobility in the USA since the Civil War, and the apparent lack of this mobility or entrenchment of populations in some parts of the Country.

Where does this come from?  Who spotted this?  Well, it’s not easy to find!.  I have tracked this back all the way through “Strange Maps”, the blog site “pin-the-tail, the Huffington Post in 2008 to one Allen Gathman in gathkinsons.net/blog.  Gathman is a Profesor of Genetics at Missouri State University.  He deserves a big clap for spotting this.


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