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It seems I spoke too soon in the last posting!  The cover above which comes from Comics Alliance that excellent web site I found recently shows Obama knocking Osama out in a one on one fist fight.  Leading the battle forces in person.  The embodiment of the Germanic manly Koenig.  All very straight and fair.

I don’t know though.

I find this slightly worrying.  It’s too reductive, too simplistic and treats the American and World public as simpletons.  I dont know this particular comic.  Is it a spoof?  Is it ironical and modern wit?  Are we to take this at face value?

What happens next though in this story, once Obama knocks Osama to the ground?  Captured to be taken back for trial?  A policeman type is standing at the ready and Lady Liberty in the guise of Greek Justice stands with ropes – perhaps to constain him for trial.  Or is he simply shot in the back of the head?

Think about it, could you see this cover with Truman on it?

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