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Illinois Representative Aaron Schock
per politicaldog101

I know I have been here before with Arnold, and President Ford and Sarah Palin, and Millicent Hammond. But just what is it with American Politicians of both sexes that makes them feel the need to parade their bodies on cat walks, or through the press?  And, if I might ask again, what is it about Republican party politicians that makes want to divest themselves of both clothes and dignity?  Maybe Democrats are more modest and demure. Or ugly, it’s difficult to tell.  But it is truly American phenomenon.

Here we have the latest of what seems to be an increasing line.  Illinois Republican Representative, Aaron Schock, appears as this month’s beef-cake cover boy on Men’s Health.  And please don’t give me that stuff about advocating for healthy diets and life choices.  He’s just doing a Senator Scott Brown, the-nudist-Senator-from-Massachusetts and showing off.

As I have said, this is one American export we here in the old country can well do without.  The very idea of a picture of adenoidal old Ed Milliband, Leader of Her Majesty’s useless opposition, in trunks – all damp hands and limp grip – is enough to send shudders down any electorate.

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