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 Baja Arizona :Source unclear

America has never been a static political entity like Switzerland, but rather a strange mobile country, and the map above is a vision of a future that might, just might, become true as early as 2013.

It is of the putative proto-state Baja Arizona.

Arizona, as those of us who have visited know, is a strongly dichotomous, or depending on your mood, schizoid country.  Two thirds delight, one third appalling white republican retirees.  The wild south is astonishing, wonderful, with strange Wily Coyote country, all cactus forests in Sonora paired with a delightful University City of Tucson.  The north has, well the north has the hellish hundred mile urban sprawl that is Phoenix, the city without a heart.

It was never true the West was won by John Wayne and General Custer, the West was won by General Electric and Westinghouse.  Before the Second World War the desert was a hardship posting.  Only with the coming of the refrigerator and air conditioning following the war, did the dead hot heart of America become in any way acceptable for soft handed easterners.  And then after the War the retired east coast monied, poured into sweaty ovens like Phoenix.

It is fair to say that the Democrat south has never really got along with this Republican north.  As with all such divides it has a historical origin.

Back in December 1853 the Americans decided it was easier just to buy yet another tranche of land off the Mexicans rather than fight them for it, and so the Gadsden Purchase was made.  This was a slice of land which was previously the province of Sonora south of the Gila River, and this became the southern part of Arizona.

They never really blended into one piece, and now it seems that the old Gadsden purchase retains enough sense of itself to seek a break with the north, albeit they want to remain American, rather than Mexican.

The idea is not exactly new it has been kicking about for forty five years or so but it has to be said that Governor Scott Walker has set teeth on edge throughout the state and especially in the south thereby giving it the kick of life.  The traditional supporters are in Pina county and they are serious, they have a Facebook site.

This new land will become Baja Arizona the 51st State in America.  The rest would be Alta Arizona.  And there is always the possibility that Phoenix could become a third part, a sort of Caca Arizona.  There we are, simple as A, B, C.

The question will be posed at the time of the Presidential Election in 2012, provided that is they can get sufficient signatures come 5th July this year.

There are precedents of course;  North and South Dakota, or North and South Carolina.  There are two Virginias too.

Now it is possible that sufficient people will vote for this in the South, indeed it is possible enough in the North would be delighted with an opportunity to unload themselves of their Democrat burden in the south.  It might even pass the State legislature.  Congress however is a different matter. And as for the Electoral College problems…? My personal bet is that as this is the West it won’t get traction until they have their very own Udall leading the charge!

Meantime time to dig out the yellow sombrero – Viva Baja Arizona! ¡Andale!,¡Andale!,¡Arriba!, ¡Arriba!

Do they do T shirts?

Copyright David Macadam 2011