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The web is alive with the news that Baptist Minister and former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee has finally, at last, made up his mind, and will now not be taking his wig to Washington.

Mike has stepped up to the plate, looked Obama and the public squarely in the eye and……decided not to run.  Well that was a complete waste of everyone’s time wasn’t it?

So what happened to the golden boy?  What calamity took him straight from promising young new-comer to burned out old has-been without a chance for a stop somewhere in-between?

Well, largely he is simply the second casualty of what is proving to be one of Obama’s better played cards, that of his birth certificate.  By holding out showing us the damned thing for as long as he did, he drew out the silly like Trump, and the ill-advised like Huck into saying things they were going to regret later.  After playing the certificate Huckabee looked foolish and less credible as a potential President.  Frankly he had little choice.  He would have been haunted for the entire campaign.

And, then there is the little matter of money.  Mike needs money.  He cannot declare early because his war chest isn’t full enough, and sitting a bad third he wasn’t going to see the sponsorship come in.  True, he has a good income from all that TV work, but this stops the moment he calls.  The longer he waited, the louder the shouts that he was just another wealthy man unwilling to take a pay-cut for public service.

Many have said that he was an honest, if somewhat dull,  man of working class stock and I would agree.  And, again that is the problem.  He has no money and he is not of an oligarchical family with the appropriate connections, unlike Romney who can bide his time now Wiggy has gone.

Now will Jebby Bush come back to save the day?


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