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 Paul Mathieson at the memorial to Flight 93
Source: The PennUltimate Run Facebook page

A few posts ago I wrote about Paul Mathieson who, on seeing the corrupt manner that America redraws its political boundaries, which in America is called “redistricting”,  decided that he would run right around his home state of Pennsylvania to raise awareness of the flaws in the process.  Hence his calling his Facebook page “The PennUltimate Run”.

Mathieson’s case is that redistricting as practised too often ends up as gerrymandering, and this has any number of attached evils.  These include loss of voting power, low voter turnout, political polarization and a deterrent to new fresh clean candidates.

It may have been a delightful green leafy and blossom filled month here in Britain but Paul’s thousand mile stomp around the state was in
harsher weather, physically fatiguing and often run alone.  Mathieson, who beat lymphoma recently said it was like running a marathon a day.

I hope that once this is over he doesn’t give up the cause, or decide that he has been there, run that.  I hope his Facebook page will stay up to draw our attention and inform new readers, and encourage voters to overturn corrupt practices wherever they find them.


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