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Bloggers as our journalistic cousins see us…

The more sharp-eyed of visitors may have noted that I have updated and revised the blogroll that sits in the right hand margin of these pages.  I thought that I might take a moment to go through the reasons why they are there and what they represent.  A blogroll, to those who are not familiar with the term is simply a list of other blogs and sites out in the internet that the writer thinks are useful or fun and which if you have enjoyed reading this blog you might also enjoy visiting.

I have arranged these in groups on a purely arbitrary whim.

First are those sites which are dealing with American issues and Politics.

PoliticalDog 101  A site that aggregates his own postings with those of other bloggers he enjoys.  James B has an excellent grouping here which is particularly strong on voting patterns, sifting statistics to spot trends, as well as solid news items, history and comments.  Slightly democrat

Huffington Post   Possibly the most well known aggregate site, started by Miss Huffington.  Think of a left wing Daily Mail and you won’t be too far off the mark.

New York Post   The electronic version of this newspaper.

Washington Post   Again, another electronic version of the daily paper.

The New Republic   Very well written, solid, with heavyweight articles on all aspects of news and American life by a range of excellent  authors.  Right of centre, and worth checking at least once a week.

BoingBoing   Another blog with a strange eclectic view on life.  A definite favourite of mine.  I mean where else are you going to find photos of the Vice Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament attempting to throttle his depute in the house?

The Swash.  Opinionated, rude (sometimes very), passionate and can be vulgar, but manages to have some well written and argued
points of view.

The next three are British sites which have often have aspects of news that would interest those who want the real background gossip/facts.

Lockerbiecase   A single issue blog written by Professor Bob Black of Edinburgh University.  Professor Robert Black taught Scots Law in
the University of Edinburgh for years and has always had doubts about the handling of the Lockerbie case which dealt with the bombing of PanAm flight 103.  His is the expert site for all those interested in the case which in turns shines light on unexpected aspects of American and British politics.

Order Order The classic British site for all things to do with Westminster.

Iain Dales Diary   A Conservative blog.  Well written and thoughtful.

The last are nothing to do with politics or America.  I just find them interesting.

Watts up with that?  Written by a former and now retired meteorologist this site must be a complete thorn in the flesh of those suggesting there is man- made global warming.  Solid, detailed, unexcitable with just a touch of humour.

Henry Robb  A blog on the history, workers and above all the ships made by the famous Leith shipbuilders Henry Robbs Shipbuilders

Cooking with Reinbold   Mad. The cooking blog of a student who cannot cook, but who can write with style.  Expect great things from her in the future.  Just make sure you eat out.


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