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This one is worth watching right through, but before you do here is a bit of background.

Flashmob or Flashdancing is a new fad in America, and has even spread to Britain.  It involves groups of people who arrange to meet in public places and dance together.  Most often it is in shopping malls or public squares.  That’s it, just dancing.  It’s popular especially with young people as a sort of modern version of sixties “happenings” to those of us old enough to remember them.  It is frankly silly, self indulgent, and juvenile, a case of showing off at its most childish.  But it is totally harmless.  Personally I don’t get it but maybe I am just a humourless old curmudgeon who doesn’t understand young people today.  And anyone who knows me knows I just can’t dance.

The Jefferson Monument in Washington is an open public space.  Here there are armed guards who also do not seem to have a sense of humour.  Or any concept that attacking these people, who are clearly doing no harm might come across as brutal, vicious and Stalinist. No sense here of a proportionate approach. No sense that they are drawing the attention of the whole world to their actions.

Watch the video right through as it needs time to develop.  Note at about 1:04 in that one person at the back is picked up and thrown bodily to the ground.

Then watch as later they harass and bully the other visitors who clearly are not dancers but are so offended at the Police that they are filming them with camcorders and mobile phones!  I mean did the Police not see where this was going?  Were they just too thick to realise the publicity blunder they were engaging in?

Astonishing. Especially as America is first in line to criticise repressive regimes in the Arab world for harassing their citizens right to free speech or indeed the Russians for their heavy handed treatment of a Gay Rights march!

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