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This is wonderful, and all thanks to “Strange Maps” for bringing this to my attention.  Gary Ashwill’s, “Agatetype“, a blog on baseball having run it earlier this month.  American cartoonists have always been favourites of mine for the infinitely varied approaches they take to their subjects and this is just another wonderful example.

The picture is a schematic of William Howard Taft, 27th President of the United States, and a member of a family which as readers will have noted have been favourites of mine to discuss.  As solidly oligarchical a political family as you could find.  I almost regret my fondness for all things Taft, a fondness borne of the sneaking realisation that even yet they sometimes know what they are talking about.

Taft is shown here as the floor plan of the Republican Convention and the cartoon was first printed in Chicago Examiner on 8th June 1908.

Now I can’t make out the cartoonist.  Sydney Smith was the artist for “The Gumps” which were huge in their day but this doesn’t look like his work so if anyone can make me the wiser I’d be delighted to know who drew this.

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