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The big summer legal story is just starting to break in New York City.  It’s finally hitting the fan as we wind down for summer.  Expect long discussions in the Sundays, or late night reviews.  The timing, as throughout the entire affair, has been exquisite.

Dominique Strauss-Khan is probably not a household name in the United States yet, but he is really big in France.  He is certain to become a true cause celebre.

One of the delights of the internet is that with caution and persistence one can winkle all sorts of interesting facts out of the global woodwork and see them in a new pattern.  So before I get carried away I’d like to note my indebtedness, and thanks, to two excellent people who have far more knowledge than me, and have shared their insights on the web.  One is Professor Michel Chossudovsky of globalresearch which is worth a visit, and John Helmer a journalist with a vast knowledge of Russian matters who writes Dances with Wolves, also worth reading.

The story breaking this week is that Dominique Strauss-Khan, politician and darling of the French left, onetime probable candidate for the Socialist Party in next year’s French Presidential elections, and the former head of the International Monetary Fund, has been released from his bail in relation to the charges against him of sexual assault on a chambermaid in his hotel when he was staying in New York in May.  The whole thing is unravelling in short order.

The accuser, a 32 year old asylum seeker from Guinea, is now said to have lied.  Multiple cash payments according to the New York Times have been found in her bank accounts in Arizona, Georgia, New York and Pennsylvania.  She has been linked to various unsavoury individuals with criminal or drug connections.  This accuser, a Muslim chamber-maid has been seen drinking and partying.  There is clear panic in the prosecutor’s office as it all comes undone before them.

The New York Post has been even more forthright, saying that those close to the prosecution say “she is a con artist” and that “Prosecutors conclude she cannot be put on the stand she’d be a flawed witness”.

The New York Times reports “It is a mess, a mess on both sides”.

Remember that this was a case that District Attorney Vance’s office said was “strong”, bearing on “the credibility of the accuser” who was he claimed “wholly convincing and unwavering”.  Convincing in all things it seems, except on matters bearing on her asylum application.  And, whilst we are at it might I ask you remember Mr Vance’s name as I shall return to him later.

The French, naturally, are having a field day with all this.  Now, you might say and I might well agree, the French are given to conspiracy theories as a national sport, in much the same way as the British discuss the weather, but this is actually getting up a real head of steam.  A poll by CSA International showing 57% of French people asked thought DSK had been stitched up, with the figure rising to 70% in those who vote left.

There are an increasing number of rather pertinent questions being asked about the case and Indictment Number 2011NY035773 raised by District Attorney Vance.  Here are just a few (and I owe John Helmer for his insights and analysis of the following times from his blog).

  1.  If the crime occurred at 12.00 noon as libelled, did Dominique Strass-Khan check out of the hotel as he states before 12.30, less than 30 minutes later? If, as he states, he paid on his own credit card would this not give a date stamped document for a terminus time on the episode?
  2. He has been charged with “Unlawful imprisonment”.  If 12.00 noon was the time of the assault and a time before 12.30 is when DSK left the hotel, for how many minutes and seconds was the chamber-maid held against her will?.
  3. If DSK assaulted the maid after coming out of the shower naked, what was the victim doing whilst DSK got dried, dressed, collected his luggage, waited for the lift, descended to Reception, spoke to the desk staff, and paid his bill by credit card and left?
  4. What did Sofitel (the hotel) do during the next 60 to 92 minutes between the alleged attack and the call to the Police which has been logged at 1:32?
  5. Why did the maid enter the room alone?  Hotel policy is that staff do not enter rooms on their own, to prevent exactly this sort of incident.  This must surely be a breach of her staff rules?  Why did she enter before the scheduled checkout time before cleaning was required and expected?
  6. Why does the woman use aliases?
  7. Why has no evidence of, or accusation of injury been stated to DSK, if as has been alleged if it is a “forceful penetration”.
  8. Has the NYPD got its times wrong?  Was there an initial time libelled for the assault which was changed once it was discovered that DSK had taken an early lunch with friends at a New York restaurant (ie he would then have had alibi with witnesses)?  Have the NYPD changed the organs of attack on the Indictment?

So, if it is some kind of honey trap why would anyone pick on an inoffensive overweight, middle-aged, Frenchman in New York?  Well, it is not as if the US legal services do not have form on this sort of thing with politicians.  Readers may remember my articles regarding fat Al Gore and the masseuse in Seattle a while back.  Check the links here and here.

Dominique Strauss-Khan may have been the head of the IMF but he is far more the politician than an economist or banker.  He was the lead runner for the Socialist left in France in the 2012 French elections. He was, and maybe still is, a major challenge to Nickolas Sarkosy.  Maybe Sarkosy did it?

Perhaps someone in the IMF did for him.  Dominique Strauss-Khan is not an easy man and has enemies.

Or, maybe someone wanted regime change in the IMF itself.  This one has more merit, I feel.  First we must go back to a conference in 1945 at Bretton Woods where the international financial structures of the post war world were settled.  The World Bank head was decided to always be an American and the headship of the International Monetary Fund was given to Europeans. And America resents that division. Almost immediately after DSK was arrested and decided that he was in such a pickle that he had to resign Washington stared to pressure for a non-European to be the next head, perhaps someone from an emerging market country, or maybe even an American.  Someone that might strengthen the hegemony of the United States over the IMF at the expense of old Europe?

How about a bit of all of this?  Not quite as fanciful and conspiracy theory as all that actually. But to see it you need to see the world as a genealogist, looking for familial links between the warring parties. Let’s start with the District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jnr., the guy who was so quick off the mark raising the indictment. Cyrus is the son of Cyrus Vance, one-time Secretary of State in the Carter Administration.  Hold that thought (I shall say this only vance, ho ho!).

The tree here is of the family connections of Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of France.  Auld Nick is is very pro the United States and might well appreciate DSK being out of the way of an election next year.

Nicolas’s step-father, who married his father’s second wife, Christine de Ganey, is Frank G Wisner II, a CIA operative.  Frank Jun. is the son of Frank Gardiner Wisner (1909 – 1965).  Frank senior’s main claim to fame is that he was the brains behind the CIA coup that brought down Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran, way back in 1953, thereby starting off that whole mess that is today’s Middle East.  And, for followers of this blog you might be interested, but hardly surprised to learn, that he was involved in the CIA invasion of Guatamala.  You can follow my link here.

The families are close.  Sarkozy gets on well with his step father and his half brothers and sisters in the United States.  One member of the Wisner family worked with Sarkozy’s election last time round.

Frank Wisner II used to work for Cyrus Vance the Secretary of State and father of District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jnr.  Frank is also a trustee of Rockefeller Brothers Trust.

Now, just to round off Frank’s busy life, he was Obama’s special intelligence envoy to Egypt in late January of this year.  Useful, seeing as how he was such an old friend of Hosni’s you understand.

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