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Simpering and unsettling

Well this was a surprise. Thaddeus McCotter, the Republican representative from Michigan, has decided that the Presidential race is simply not going to be complete without his strange input.

This guy is a long, long shot.  No Representative has won the Presidency since James A Garfield ran 130 years ago, which is hardly an encouraging fact for the Tad team.

So what so we know of “Tad” as he likes to be called?.  Apart from the fact that he is a congressman with delusions of grandeur?  Riding in to save the American dream indeed.  Well he is working class from Detroit (so no oligarch he) and is a bald, middle-aged, lawyer who tries to look hip and down with the kids by playing lead guitar at cool events like George Bush’s garden parties.  Or playing hip rock numbers with Mike (It’s a wig) Huckabee.  He also sports a look which is slightly unsettling, a bit Freddie Kruger.

He is late, he is unknown and his campaign doesn’t have the money.

Oh and he is odd.  Seriously odd.  Rather than voting for school meals for poor kids, he supports tax breaks for dog lingerie and if you think that is just me being silly check out HR 3501 “The Happy Act”.

You can already get the T shirts (available from “Skreened”).  Shame for him that they read:-

“No one is odder than Thaddeus McCotter”.

The guy is doomed.

Copyright David Macadam 2011