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 Ronald Reagan statue in Budapest: Photo US Embassy

It’s been a busy week for Ronnie Reagan fans in Europe.  Celebrations for the centenary of Ronnie’s birth have been taking place all over the continent and with a special emphasis in Eastern Europe.

Monday saw Cardinal Stanislow Dziwisz, the Archbishop of Krakow saying Mass of Thanksgiving for Reagan’s life at the Basilica of St Mary.

Tuesday took us to Budapest in Hungary where a special session of Parliment was convened to honour Reagan’s life.

Wednesday and we stayed in Budapest where a life-size bronze statue of Ronnie was erected in Freedom Square in front of the US Embassy.  This was a full on occasion.  They had the pomp, the bands, the army done out in the good uniforms and speeches.  People in Budapest must really like ol’ Ron as this is the second statue they have put up, the first being a bust in the City Park.  But, as Matron Baronxi a local lifelong fan of Reagan reportedly said “It’s better to have two Ronald Reagan statues than none at all”.  Quite right, statues are brilliant things.

Thursday and the cavalcade swept into Prague in Czech Republic where they renamed the street where the Ambassador has his official residence “Ronald Reagan Street”.  Condoleezza Rice attended to make a speech on behalf of Nancy who can’t manage the travelling these days.

And then to round off the week of celebration, tomorrow ,Monday 4th July sees another statue of Ronnie being erected in London’s Grosvenor Square.

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