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At the end of a truly dreadful week of economic woes and gloom it was a sheer delight to witness a stunning return to form from one of America’s least regarded political figures.

On The Tonight show on August 5th Roseanne Barr, Witless raconteur and Comedienne to the talentless, came out publicly on the show.  Raising the temperature of the political debate and showing that she is a tonic to the nation, she just came out with it there and then.  Take a gander at the YouTube clip if only for the look on the anchor Jay Leno’s face.  Absolutely priceless.

“I’m totally serious” she blusters happily “I want to be part of the debates because I want to represent the tax payers.  In fact, I’m choosing the tax payers as the Vice President.”  

Serious?  Of course you are dear.  That’s why you would also like to be Prime Minister of Israel as well. Now, why not have that nice lie down and a cup of something medicated?

Well, well and I had thought she was dead too.  But no! Fresh from her delivery of that rendition of the national anthem at a 1990 baseball game where she screeched happily away before gobbing publically on the floor and groping her own crotch Rosanne will bring her own brand of crude, coarse, mean-spirited rant to the nation once again.

If it ever happens it’ll be a true addition to the level of political circus that passes for debate.

Still it made me smile.

Copyright David Macadam 2011