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 Newsweek cover

This photo is for real.   It is not a spoof or some “ironic” web site bit.  Nor is it meant to be funny.  It is Newsweek’s cover shot of Bachmann boss-eyed and staring with a rictus grimace looking like she’s just gone into rigor mortis.  It’s meant to destroy.

The title “Queen of Rage” is hilarious.  It’s definitely the-girl-next-door-look but only if that girl lives next to the lunatic asylum.

What was Bachmann thinking of?  Please don’t tell me she doesn’t employ someone to prearrange what shots will be allowed and to check the ones for possible publication?  Who let her walk into this classic journalist trap?  Especially after that McCain controversy with “The Atlantic” back in 2008.  It just makes her look all wide eyed and gormless.

Did Editor Tina Brown, fresh from photo-shopping Diana onto a shot of Kate Middleton, have an agenda – or does she just hate all other powerful women?

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