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One of the better jokes on the GOP Friday night stand up show was Tim Pawlenty’s line about Mitt Romney’s personal wealth; where, after declaring that “he’d mow the lawn of any American who could identify President Barack Obama’s plan for entitlements reform, Pawlenty then dropped the punch-line that this offer was “limited to one acre of lawn for Romney”.

It was an easy hit perhaps.  Romney just oozes privileged millionaire preppy boy.  So who does he really bat for?

Back in my piece the other day  “The problems of America’s oligarchy and what to do about it.”  I mentioned the problems of large corporations being given the legal fiction of being people.  The thrust in that piece having been that this could allow certain commercial bodies to enter the political scene as eternal oligarchs sitting in the political process tipping the living off the balance beam that keeps America on the level.

Now I find that rich boy Mitt Romney in a rare moment of Political Honesty has also been shouting that these same oligarchical commercial bodies are people too!

The video clip above from Youtube is of that rally at the week-end and if you play and let it run for about a minute you will see that Mitt isn’t getting it all his own way.  There is quite a level of vociferous complaint from people who clearly do not hold this view.  Now I appreciate that there is a slim possiblity they are professional hecklers there to give the bold boy a hard time but it is his response that is so telling.

For a blog that is interested in oligarchies and political power it is interesting to consider two things here.

First, here is a main contender (he was anyway when he made the speech) who is himself an oligarchical candidate looking to secure his own revenue stream for his election, and campaigning to preserve these legal benefits for his sponsors. Doing his best to make the case.  An oligarch’s oligarch if ever there was.

Second, it makes quite clear whose side he is really on, and it sure as hell is not that of the common man.  I suppose the electorate can make it’s decision in this light.

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