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Ethan Hein’s genealogy of Obama

Genealogy trees tend to be a bit, well, technical, and some might whisper dull. Boring even.  They sit there informatively enough in a starched, stiff edged sort of way.  They usually follow the male line only, generation on generation, producing a tree that resembles something more a portrait, than a landscape.  Like mine below.

And while they are clear and informative, they may lose something in this.  As readers of this blog will have noted it is the cross connections, the genealogical landscape of a family that is as important as anything.

So it was a delight to be pointed in the direction of Ethan Hein’s innovative web of a family tree shown above.  Ethan, a musician, appears as an artist, as much interested in the interconnections that create bands, or styles of music, or which give rise to tunes we all love, as genealogy itself.  This leads to his wonderful spider like creations which are as decorative as they are interesting.  His blog is here.

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