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There is never a good time for the relatives to call, and this really wasn’t a great week, what with the lack of jobs being created and the economy going down the tubes, for one’s drunken illegal alien uncle to pop up out of the blue.  You can just imagine old Barak’s happy face when he was told!

The press and blogosphere have of course been having a field day.  Especially as the Police issued the picture above with unky Omar unshaved, and hung over, looking deeply sinister and very, very black just to give him that extra demonic edge perhaps.

Onyango (Omar to his friends at the welfare agency) Obama was arrested for operating a vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol and then once in detention, was found to be an illegal alien.  Not a good day really.

Just for the record Omar is related this way.  Obama’s grandfather had three wives. Obama is a grandchild of the second wife and Uncle Omar a child of the third.  So technically only a half-uncle.  This is, after all, a blog with a genealogical slant!

Obama, though is not alone in having a slew of embarrassing relatives who crawl out of the woodwork as soon as he becomes President.  Let’s list a few.

Neil Bush, brother of GW and son of Papa Bush, who famously did not ask any questions when a gorgeous woman he had never met and didn’t know knocked on the door of his hotel bedroom and came in and shagged the life out of him.  Indeed, this seemed to be a regular occurrence with millionaire businessman Bush.  Crass, boorish and vulgar so a clear 6/10.

Roger Clinton,  who had his own Secret Service nick-name of “headache” was a cocaine smuggler, general piss artist and drunk driver.  But was kept mostly out of the way so we will give him a paltry 5/10.

Billy Carter.  Ahh yes Billy-boy Carter.  Who could forget Billy as the hapless hillbilly who cheered up the seventies for us all.  A public television drunk who thought he could launch his own brand of beer.  He famously smoked dope whilst in the White House. As complete and total embarrassments come, he has to be high on the list.  Let’s give him 7/10.

Richard Nixon wiretapped his brother Donald Nixon.  But tricky Dicky wired everyone so it is probably a 3/10.

Jemma and Barbara Bush jnr were wonderful in their starring double act cameo roles as spoilt little rich girls getting sloshed underage.  Good for an 8/10.

Al Gore III, (yes, not a president’s relative) but as a solid stoner, a fast driver and an ugly munter to boot – he’s in with a 6/10.

Patrick Kennedy has to be the one we turn to for sheer longevity.  Twenty five years of solid substance abuse and half a dozen public stints in rehab put ol’ Pat right up there at 8/10.

Betty Ford though, found the nation’s heart through her public acceptance of her drinking and the setting up of the Betty Ford clinic.  So not an embarrassment then and will not be placed on the list.

George Obama, a half brother of the President, arrested for possession of marijuana in Kenya probably doesn’t climb high on most people’s charts, so a paltry 2/10.  Come on George you know you have it in you.

But to get to the top of my list one has to turn, as with so much in American politics, to the Gothic South.  Sam Houston Johnson, the brother of LBJ and known as “The Prisoner of Pennsylvania Avenue” is supposed to have been put on a stipend and then shut up by the Secret Service in the White House, to keep his drunken antics from the eyes of the public.  Now that’s a real full blown 9/10 embarrassing relative.

Copyright David Macadam 2011