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One that escaped and hid in the Sunday Times 

The Chicago Tribune has rather shot itself in the foot this week.  At least with that group of its readers, grown slower now certainly, whiter haired perhaps, botoxed and halting, but still stoically loyal to their favourite old cartoonist Doonesbury.  Readers will know my affection for the old boy, even if he isnt as funny these days as he once was,  he can still draw better than most!  An oligarch himself, Gary Trudeau gave us Lucy Davenport a true oligarch princess.

But this week he has been pulled by his paper the Chicago Tribune.  What on earth has happened?  Well, it seems that Doonesbury has been making jokes (yes I agree they’ve been a bit lame too) about Sarah Palin.  It seems there is book coming out shortly by Sarah’s long term enemy Joe McGinnis and McGinnis passed a copy over to his pal Doonesbury who has used some stories in the strip.  And this was too much for the editors who pulled the strip.  Sheesh really!  Apparently it lacked “fact-checking”.  Dear God lads it’s a Political Cartoon it’s meant to be slanted – and with Gary these days funny might help too – and an opinion piece.  God knows what they would have made of Steve Bell’s British strip whose Thatcher hating penquins all had teeth and spoke French.

Hands up those of us who think that the political scribblers got all jealous that the bloke with the crayons scooped them of their story?  Yeah me too.

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