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 Oh God they’ve moved the auto-cue!

Last Thursday saw the candidates for the GOP debate down in Florida.  We though need only to concern ourselves with two.  Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.  Romney stormed through whilst Perry clearly is losing steam.

Now it gives me nothing but pleasure to say that I told you this a while back in “Why Rick Perry will never be President”.  I called it right.  Perry certainly looks the part and when asked to do the static stuff say some nice photographs, perhaps reading a prepared statement that someone else has checked, or manning up for the slick advertisement from the punchy agency it all looks good.  Presidential almost.  But it’s a different thing when he moves away from the minders and the advisors and when he can no longer see the auto-cue.  Then, he er, well, he ah is um well, just a stumblebum.  And he gets walked all over by everyone else.

Last week in debate his shortcomings were made glaringly clear.  Perry lost steam steadily after being thrown when some in the audience booed him. But don’t take my word for it.  The nationals picked it up too.  Here is the LA Times take.

Perry’s disinterest in debating has been well chronicled – and its possible that its not the right kind of forum for his laid back personality. He didn’t have the same easy command of the facts or policy that Romney or Jon Huntsman or Newt Gingrich demonstrated with ease

Dear God!   Is he that bad? They said it.  They said he has no command of facts when moved out of sight of a teleprompt or the shouted stage whispers of his aides.

A stumblebum.  A poor performer.  A hick.  A liability.

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