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This week Gallup, the polls company has announced that American dissatisfaction with her own government has hit 81%, an all time high.  It adds to a trend that has only increased for over a decade.

The report found that 65% of Democrats, and an astonishing 92% of Republicans were unhappy with their government.  Hot stuff. But before people start hoping this is representative of a simple Dem/GOP split that might be expected in the run up to an election there are some other stats that are remarkable.

82% disapprove of the way Congress works.

69% Have little or no confidence in the legislature as a whole.  Gallup says this is an all time high.

57% Just don’t believe that the Federal Government can solve domestic problems.

And 53% have little or no confidence in any elected officials.

If you hit the link above it will take you to Gallup’s site and lots and lots more graphs and fascinating stats.

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