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The announcement that Governor Chris Christie, of New Jersey is not to show for the Republican Presidential race removes the last candidate for “The big fat happy bastard” category left vacant recently by The Donald.  This category along with “The Grumpy Grandpa candidate” previously held by McCain and now Ron Paul, or “Best Looking Western Candidate” held in turns by Thune then by Huntsman and Romney, “The oddball wild eyed Christian science basher candidate” jointly held by Bachman and Perry, or even the hotly contested “Hideous weirdo McCotter look-a-like candidate” held presently by McCotter, entertain the body politic whilst the pretence at open democracy moves inexorably forward.

Christie is a loss. No oligarch, he is a man of the people, or even some might say two or three people, he has a certain sense of being one with the electorate.  The weight was an issue certainly, but one that chimed with many in this fat land.  He was just that bit more human.

Whilst he never stood a chance, he was the cartoonist’s great white hope, a possibly inexhaustible fund of jokes.  This heavyweight candidate pushes away from the table to deliver solid policies which have America punching above her weight again.  Oh you get the idea.

He said last night that “Today was not looking like the right time for me”.

Sadly tomorrow isn’t looking too good either.

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