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This really is a movement that feels that it has legs.  It is taking the form of a political franchise!  Occupytogether is spreading out from New York, and not just across the United States but over the whole world.  I have shamelessly taken maps from the Occupy Together site that shows where they know about cells of activists.  Certainly it has a more international appeal than the Tea Party which seems, in some ways, to be its evil sister, both daughters of the Financial Collapse.  The difference being that Occupy Wall Street is one American political import that foreign countries seem willing to buy.

The map at the top is that of the groups in America.  Not all have had demonstrations as yet, but the movement has protested in Chicago, New York, Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia amongst others.  Indeed there are now 200 cities where groups are protesting and you can find the full list at Dailykos.  Despite the deliberate lack of coverage in the traditional media of TV, Cable and the paper press this is a movement has managed to get a solid grip.

There are smaller groups all round the world coalescing together as the next map shows. This is from occupytogether so hit the link if you want the up to date details.  It seems to grow as you watch it.  I chose a shot covering middle Europe simply for interest.  There are groups forming all over Europe, Asia and Australia  using Meetup.com.  By no means have these groups led to any actions yet and these are the groupings that gave rise to a figure given of 955 cities with fledgling Occupy groups.

They are making it dead easy for people to join in.  First find your city on the map, magnify down and then click.  This will lead you to a page where any contact details, and meeting places are listed.  After that it is down to you! Alternately just go to the Facebook page.

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