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In the years that followed the credit crunch of 2008, and especially since the recent cut backs and job losses, foreclosures and bankruptcies started to bite this last year a surge of indignation and anger previously unarticulated and unfocussed is finally being expressed in world-wide protest the like of which has not been seen in a generation.

“the board of directors of Hewlett-Packard gave fired CEO Léo Apotheker a $25  million exit package last month after just 11 months on the job”.

The utter inability of those in the financial industry to appreciate the magnitude of their incompetence, or to openly make apology, has been matched only by a tactless tin ear for obscenities like the above, or giving oily fools like Fred Goodwin of Royal Bank of Scotland pensions the size of a massive lottery win.  They acted for these years as if they are wholly removed from the world of ordinary mortals.  “Masters of the universe” seemingly impervious to the catastrophe that occurred and for which they were responsible.  This has been compounded by the wholesale impotence of the political classes in Europe and America (and anywhere else in the world) to rein in this mess or find a way, any way out.

And all the while the world slithers toward the edge of we know not what.

This failure of the political classes has ignited a movement that centres round this sense of having been made to pay for other’s folly.  It has been has been as sudden as it has been significant.  Within only a few weeks a small rather amateurish protest by a few people in New York will become, on Saturday 15 October, a world wide phenomenon, with dozens, even hundreds of protests across the world.  There will be occupation events across America and in Amsterdam, Brussels, Auckland, Melbourne and London to mention but a few.

The advertising as you can see is slick and professional, the organisation competent and the promotion stylish.  Take a look at the following video clip.

In London, there will be an attempt to occupy the Stock Exchange and occupy not simply for the day but for a length of time.  Naturally this is known to the authorities and so there will be state resolve that such occupation will not be effective.  And therein lies the interest.

This movement, and Saturday is going to be very interesting.

Copyright David Macadam 2011