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A hush fell across newsrooms this week, writers looked up from their keypads and cartoonists laid down their pencils.  News was coming in that the sainted Sarah Palin had decided to give up her fairly flat chances of getting a nomination for the republican candidate for President.  Real bummer for Sarah the publicity hog it was the same day that Steve Jobs died.

Having only half served as a Governor of Alaska she now confirmed she is only half serving as a candidate for President.

But contributors might sourly note she announces this only – of course – after having whirled round the states in a bus drumming up cash for a campaign that was never going to be. Bet the punters will be happy with that.

We all feel diminished by this announcement.  For people abroad Sarah represented that essential backwoods voice of America, the vocal local yokel.  We will be at a loss now our favourite stereotype has left the stage.

Effectively we are only left with the oligarch Romney as a credible candidate for nomination.  With the loss of Christie too this week, no one else is likely to enter the field, and no matter how hard they try to make Herman a contender, the race has now reduced to a parade.

Still there is always the mad-eyed, crazy Christian and all round denier of science, Michelle Bachmann to fall back on.  She will surely be packing them in now her competition for daftest candidate going is removed.

Picture :politicususa
Showing Bachmann speaking to a packed room

Oh well maybe not then.

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