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The way that the fall run down toward the Primary season is shaping up in the Republican party campaign is continually shoving two of the candidates against each other and this contrasting of these two very different men is showing their considerable differences.

The two candidates are of course Herman Cain and Rick Perry.

Herman Cain is frequently derided as being “the Pizza Guy” which given he is black has the undisclosed racial slur of implying he is fit only to be the guy delivering the stuff to your door or at best standing in a stripped apron spooning on the toppings.  Herman though is a very different kind of guy.

Herman Cain was born to very poor parents.  His father was a janitor and his mother a cleaner.  It might even appear as having been a deprived childhood.  It’s certainly not a an oligarchical background.  I feel though Herman had loving parents who ensured a happy time and encouragement. He certainly seems to have made the very most of it.  If you were to look for a real all-American story of improvement and taking one’s opportunities as they come to you then its Herman’s.

Herman did well at school and went on to get a BSc in Mathematics following this up with a Masters Degree in Computer Science.  Thereafter he went on to advise the Navy as a Ballistics Analyst.  Which makes him a rocket scientist I suppose.  He has since gained numerous honorary degrees.

After this he proceeded to have an extraordinary business career starting at Coca Cola as a computer systems analyst and going on to becoming a business analyst.  Then to the food industry first with Burger King and the Pizza chains that has been associated with him since.

Along the way he joined the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, and still found a way to begin a writing career producing four very successful self help books “Speak as a Leader”, “CEO of Self”, “Leadership is Common Sense” and “They think you are stupid”.

He even slips in a time to be a radio host.

So, he is intelligent and an achiever, literate, with proven economic and business skills, good communications and drive.  It’s a tough act to beat?

Rick Perry however is different.  He is better looking certainly, and has a knack for knowing how best to appear in a camera lens.  He is a definite contender for the “best-looking-candidate-from-the-west”.  He was known in Texas as “Gov Goodhair” but tellingly also as “Bush without the brains”.

For as long as Perry has been in politics there have been questions about his being a lightweight and intellectually incurious.  On the smarts front he lags sadly behind Cain.  Far from the advanced degrees that Cain can boast, poor wee Ricky was having difficulty easing his school grades up beyond a bare “C”.

He got a C in American History.  He got a D in Shakespeare, which probably explains his mastery of the ready quip and that quick fire repartee he shows in interviews.  He got a D in Principles of Economics, which alone would make me think twice about him in these troubled times.  But even better he got an F in Organic Chemistry and only a C in Animal Breeding and a D in Vet Anatomy which considering he was a farm boy is a bit damning.

He managed a C in Gym, and he did get an A in world military systems which when you think about putting that together with the previous grades is not an encouraging thought.

No great wide scope of experience, verbally challenged and a poor raconteur, not an intellectual, no business acumen, and not widely informed. Basically dumb as a mud wall.

Copyright David Macadam 2011