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There was much asserted by the established media (when, that is, they could be moved to even acknowledge it) that the Occupy Wall Street movement wasn’t actually changing much.  A few smelly lefties they said.  Drug fuelled hedonistic revellers they said. Drunks peeing on pavements they said.

Well no, it seems that actually this Occupy Wall Street movement, only a couple of months old in the land of its birth, and much younger elsewhere like Occupy London can actually be shown to be altering the political weather. The terms on which the US Election next year will be fought on are altering. Before the Occupy Wall Street movement began the main topics being discussed in United States politics were Debt and Deficit reduction, together with the attendant austerity stuff which was following in its train.

Thinkprogress, whose graph is above, have done a study of keywords being used by the main networks MSNBC, Fox, CNN and they see that the national policy discussion can be seen to move with Occupy Wall Street to refocus on Unemployment, Fairness, Wall Street and Jobs.

When the election proper starts, these Occupy Wall Street concerns will be the main battleground.

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