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 Political kitchens are different eh?
Photo: thegrio 

And he was doing so well too.  Far from being just another wannabee out for a run round the country in a book selling promo bus, or a flabby burnt out publicity seeker with bad hair on an ego trip, Cain’s anti-political politician, and couldn’t care less stance actually started to go down well with a public sick to the back teeth with slick brylcreamed fake tanned, would be cowboys.

And then the muck raisers struck gold.  We might usefully speculate on where they got their funding and instructions from.  As always it’s about sex.

Poor beleaguered Cain has made a truly awful fist of handling the scandal.  Surely, one thinks, Cain would have sat down, before he even started, with his closest advisors and told them what he would never tell even his wife or closest friends – all about his darkest skeletons.  Doing this before you launch allows the team to prepare for when some of these nasties surface, and means they can be neutralised as swiftly and professionally as possible.

It’s not, as they say in Washington, the crime – it’s the cover up that is important.  The Cain campaign was just not prepared for the story that broke far less the follow up and subsequent blows.

It has made him look amateurish and less Presidential.  In Virginia Cain lost his cool with reporters, which is never wise and then a fight broke out.  What with Perry appearing drunk, stoned, or just not right, in that video last week and now this, it’s been a wonderful, wonderful, week for Mitt Romney.

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