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Not since Dan Quayle was so famously shot down in debate “You aint no Jack Kennedy” have we seen a contender for nomination lose the contest before ones very eyes. Readers of my blog will know that I predicted this, and its modus almost exactly, here back in August as Perry looks great and is perfectly quoiffed and turned out, but cannot hold three things in his mind at any one time without the help of an auto cue.

For readers in Britain who are not daft enough to wait up ’til three in the morning to watch US political debates those nice people at Youtube have provided the clip above. It’s worth a quick look see.  It is a political classic.

It’s over.  He is dead in the water and if he continues he will just be another zombie candidate.

Nothing now can save the Republicans from Mittens.

UPDATE:  Its gone viral and international and the German clip in comments below is priceless (dont worry it has sub titles which are hilarious).  Pleeese run this as well!

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