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By coincidence both Russia and America will be having elections next year, 2012 and this allows those of us, interested in such things, a unique glimpse into how styles of presentation have changed over the years.  We may usefully compare advertising and trailers and, as above, party political broadcasts.  This Youtube clip is the latest offering promoting Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, and the Russian at the top of the clip translates as “Lets do it together” which does indeed carry the same double entendre that the English has, of sexual suggestiveness.

This is new, I think for Russian political broadcasts, earlier Putin had one of bikini clad lovelies at a car wash, so we may see a trend here.  It has met with mixed reactions in Russia.  There are many, and I would agree with them, who feel democracy has been a hard fight and this style demeans the office of the elected public servant, indeed it cheapens the whole proceedings and offends the sanctity of the ballot by introducing a smutty, youth oriented slant to it all.  Others feel it is edgy, sexy and appeals to young first time voters and is inclusive, down with da kids etc.  You can judge for yourselves.  It’s not too suggestive in reality and quite safe for office viewing!

Will Obama feel the need to reply in type, to keep American Political broadcasting art ahead of the ol’ commies?  Is this a hint at how the Dems will pull in next year’s young voters?  We wait with baited breath.

But whilst we do, and to remind us how it was, back in the day, here is a British offering by the Labour Party (a bit like the Democrats but less interesting) broadcast in March 1970.  Oh yes, in case you were wondering – they lost.

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