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UC Davis Lt John Pike, who featured so ignominiously in the last post as the jackbooted poster-boy of a discredited American establishment, has suddenly become a meme.  Memes being simply ideas or behaviours that spread from person to person in a culture.   Almost immediately after his fat complacent body was seen by the world casually spraying a row of geeky adolescents with pepper spray simply because he could, and he knew they wouldn’t attack him, he has been transformed, nay translated, to global cultural meme.  Unfortunately it is one of being the epitome of arrogant ignorance striking down the people.

The meme above is of his waddling wanderings about the delights of a Parisian Sunday afternoon discharging the can over the helpless people after Seurat’s “A Sunday afternoon on the island of La Grande Jaffe.”

There are literally dozens of these all over the web.  I took this from the Washington Post but still don’t know who dreamed it up.  The Web can have a difficult trick of orphaning pictures from their creators.  If you know -just comment and I’ll update.

I will leave you with Sage Serif’s wonderful album cover.


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