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It has now been several days since the shaming sights of what appears to be a suspiciously deliberately coordinated campaign of pepper spraying peaceful protestors at Occupy demonstrations across the country.

We have seen John Pike, named and shamed for his actions at UC Davis, and the picture of the girl sprayed directly in the mouth at Portland, in what must surely become a leitmotif for this part of the Occupy story.  They even sprayed an eighty-four year old women in Seattle, allegedly simply for “blocking the traffic.”  The web has been aflame in indignant fury, the main-stream press too have carried the images, and TV screens around the world were watched in astonishment as old women and girls were seen carried away from street demonstrations in the home of Western Democracy weeping and crying.

But from the leader of the country, nothing.

Not a word of condemnation for these acts of unnecessary force, nor a comment or a bad word for the overzealous use of chemical weapons on peaceful demonstrators.  Not so much as a wag of the magisterial finger.  It just seems strange.  One might have thought it an open goal for a Democrat politician – a quick cheap hit against the forces of repression within the country, a chance to chime in with the sense of outrage amongst his supporters.

Now initially he might, possibly, have had an excuse because he was out of the country on business, but it’s been days now. And on this, we hear nothing.

Which is odd, and especially odd for someone outside of America because he had enough to say to the world earlier in the year, when he seemingly took every opportunity he could find to lecture the Arab street, and Egypt in particular, on the iniquities of not allowing peaceful protest?

His words ring hollow when placed over images of the OWS protests being broken up by Police.

Hypocrisy?  Surely not?

Remind me, where does Obama look for his campaign funding again?  Ahhh right!

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