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Now regular readers will already know my interest in American political families, and how despite that, I still manage to retain a lingering fondness for the Tafts. William Henry Taft, 27th President of the United States, is something of a particular hero of mine so the above is both encouraging, and simultaneously slightly saddening.

It is a mark of the state of politics in America today that the idea that “none of the above” is the preferred option of the majority of voters. Sick to the back teeth of liars and dissemblers, and plain bloody amateurs, both the Tea Party and The Occupy movement each in their own way articulate the utter dissatisfaction of voters in the insipid, vacuous, self serving idiots that have put themselves forward in this election for the most important job in the western world.

It is a sign of the failure of this generation of so called leaders that the very idea that what America needs today (and next year) is a past president to come back and sort it all out.  “A man of experience.”  “A man of honor.”  He’s been dead these eighty one years, but hey why not.

At least that is the idea in Jason Heller’s wonderfully daft little book Taft ’12 (published by Quirk Books at $14.95).  It’s published in January and whilst I might complain about not getting it for Christmas, it’s poised to go right into the start of the Primary season.  Personally I cannot wait – and once it’s out in the shops I will do a fuller review.

Meantime we can all enjoy the campaign ad in the video above which is just about perfect.  All we need now is the Facebook page and T shirts to go with it.

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