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Photo: Funpic
 I’m a little despot short and stout…

Having noted the surprising, and continuing success, of my posts on American Politicians who pose for photographs in swimsuits, underpants or even less, I have decided to extend this series to the vast range of similarly deluded, and arrogantly self obsessed members of the political classes round the world.

Today’s example is a tribute to Kim Jong-un of North Korea, seen here enjoying an alfresco breakfast of imported strong lager.

Which leads me to my Competition.

Kim Jong-un has succeeded his father Kim Jong-il, of whom it is said we know nothing, so dark is the land he comes from.  So, it is reported, we cannot guess how he will do in his new role.

Here is my take.  Kim Jong-un went to school in Switzerland, and from the reports of his fellow students we already know all we need.  They say he was weak-willed, lazy, uninterested, lacking focus and motivation, who just sat round all day playing video games.  Now, one might forgive ignorance in a world leader, but an outright unwillingness to work or learn usually means swift overthrow.  My bet is he will be out within a year.

The competition therefore is to see whether you agree or disagree with this proposal.  Just comment at the bottom of the blog, and a year from the day of the death of his father – if he is out of power I will arrange a neutral person to draw from a hat of the correct predictions, and if not then a draw from those who said differently.  The winner will be sent a topical political book to whatever address you give me as a mailing address, (I can contact you separately on that if you are shy) or just give me the room number of your office at Langley, Virginia or GCHQ in Cheltenham or its outstations.

For those who know the game it’s like “Popecroak” and the “Queen Mother” rules will apply.

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