In a surge of post-Christmas port and turkey induced technological enthusiasm, I have decided to embrace the concept of Twitter, and take The Oligarch Kings to this next stage.

Twitter, for those unaware of what it is actually about, is micro blogging. Here one can post quickies of information, comment or funnies that might be of interest to people who already enjoy the main blog. Each post is limited to 140 characters so it’s never going to be War and Peace. Short and snappy. It’s an opportunity to quickly put up news that might not otherwise be worked up for a full scale post.

If you have a smart phone these “tweets” are sent direct to the phone so you get the updates in real time and if you stick to the trusty desk top you access it through Twitter just as you access your Hotmail, or Facebook.

I can also “re-tweet” other peoples items culled from the web, pieces from news agencies, other blogs or magazines which I think might be of interest to readers of the blog. And those reading the “tweets” can comment too, making it more of a conversation.

It costs you nothing, and it does not mean you get battered by unwanted advertising. And I promise that whilst there may be trivia here (why not, sometimes it can be funny) it will not descend to telling you about what I had for breakfast, my bowel movements or how the traffic in my small provincial city is this morning.

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