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Pirate flag atop the Royal Bank of Scotland corporate headquarters
Photo IanFraser.org

It is a mark of media manipulation and significant humour failure that this story has taken a while to drift out.  (Did you see this on the media?)  I however am happy to pass on story which I noted at Ian Fraser’s blog.  Ian Fraser is an influential finance blogger and lecturer at Stirling University.  And he has a sense of humour too.

The picture above is of the Registered Offices of The Royal Bank of Scotland a company based in Edinburgh at 36 St Andrew’s Square, just on the other side of St Andrew’s Square where a prominent Occupy site has been established.

This all happened on Christmas Eve when it seems someone managed to get past the state of the art security systems, the highly paid and ever alert guards, passing Police patrols and late working Scrooges robbing widowed pensioners, to run up the Jolly Rodger which was left to flutter away quite happily until some kill-joy phoned the buggers up to tell them what was on their own roof!

The Royal Bank, which once boasted it was bigger than Coca-Cola, until its management were shown to be both financially illiterate and a bunch of fools.  It languishes today as a pathetic shell of itself, a publically bailed out basket case sustained only by the poor sods of its customers it has so comprehensively dropped in the shit.

The Royal Bank should just have left the flag.  It would have served as an honest symbol of what the Financial “profession” has come to, having moved from a dull service profession dealing in trust and rigor, to a deceitful spiv run wealth extraction industry.

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