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Mary Glendon in 2008 at Rimini: Picture Cahiers Peguy

In Britain we famously “don’t do God”, at least as far as politics go, and the merest hint of support from a church body would spell electoral death to the candidate.

Not so in America, where tonight the Romney campaign are announcing that five former Ambassadors have come out (if that’s quite the term for Catholic bigwigs) for Romney.  And this is of course favouring a Mormon over two other Catholics Gingrich and Santorum.

The statement says that they are the following:

Thomas Melady 89-93
Ray Flynn 93-97
James Nicholson 01-05
Frances Roony 05-08
Mary Glandon 08-09

Now, of course, we should note that these Ambassadors were from the United States to the Vatican and not, as you might have first thought, the other way round.  If you came away with the impression the Pope and his legions were now behind Romney that would just have been a misreading of this perfectly clear statement!  The Catholic Church has not made its views known.

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