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“Right off you go..try not to let the revolving door catch you on the way out…”
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It’s definitely not been a good couple of months for old Bill Daley of the famous political family from Chicago.  How things have changed.  Last December 2010, saw Richard Michael Daley, Bill’s brother, the Mayor of Chicago, surpass the term of tenure that their old man Richard Joseph Daley had also held for being Mayor of Chicago.   Richard Daley was Mayor from 1955 through to the day of his death in 1976.  An astonishing reign.

Richard Michael Daley had managed to pass that twenty one year stint on December 26th meaning that father and son ruled Chicago for 42 of the last 55 years.

The Daley family have had Chicago in a political lockdown for generations. They are a small albeit powerful example of local oligarchies in action.

Earlier that month Obama announced that little brother William who had previously been a Delegate to the Democrat National Convention in 1980, and served as US Secretary of Commerce from 1997 – 2000 under Bill Clinton, was to come in as his new Secretary of State.  William, or Bill as he likes to be called to make him sound cuddly and people friendly, has been a major player in J B Morgan Chase, the Wall Street banking company.  Because let us be certain of this, Billy-boy was one of those people who have let us all down.

All of which rather supported the idea at the time that there is a revolving door between the White House and Wall Street.  Was Barak rewarding old friends, or just keeping in with the financiers?  Either course looked cynical at the time.  It looks doubly so just now as he eases Bill Daley out the door.

So how did Bill find it so difficult to fit into Obama’s White House?  Well I suspect he was brought in because of his vaunted connections to big business, which never quite came to anything.  He failed to suck up enough perhaps.  He found guiding the herd of cats that is the White House administration too difficult.  He certainly fell foul of people, becoming a conduit of criticism than a motivator.  His status was lowered in November, and the game was up from then on.

The book “The Obamas” by Jodi Kantor, graphically exposing the infighting and spats of Obama’s administration cannot have helped Bill either.

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