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I am very, very upset.  It has been announced that the United States Department of Homeland Security has been busted and the results are all over the internet.  The United States Department of Security’s Command Centre’s list of routinely monitored web sites and blogs has been published.  And The Oligarch Kings is not on it.  Oh the shame!  All that sarcasm has been for nothing. A commendation surely was not too much to have hoped for, a notable mention perhaps, but the stinging rebuke of being ignored, it is almost too much to bear.

What is on it though, at least on the lists floating round the web, does not actually appear too comprehensive.  The list, and please click here to look at it for yourself, runs to just eighteen pages of links.  It’s not that many really, and I have seen longer lists as blogrolls.  Is it for real?  I mean this scant list is what your desk bound spook scrolls through first thing in the morning to get the jump on terrorism?  Nah, it must be false.  Please God it’s false.

It is not just size that feels “wrong”, it’s the list itself.  Now this is not simple sour grapes.  Look at some of the nominees for sites that Homeland Security claim assist the average US spook with his “situational awareness”.  There is Facebook.  Hmm, well that should thin things down.  Then there is that arch anarchist anti-Christ news source Huffington Post.  Huffington Post? they might as well have added the British Daily Mail.  And as for the New York Times Lede blog.  Oh hold me up someone, the New York Times?  Now I know it’s good for sport and gossip, and has an excellent lead into the NYPD, but a source of subversive intelligence?  Give me strength.

If this really truly is the list they watch then I am a teapot.

Still it’s worth a rummage through and since “internal sites listed may link to other sites not listed” there is still hope.  Maybe next year.

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