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American Presidential campaigns are endlessly fascinating beasts!  I mean where else in the world can one be attacked simply because one went to the bother of learning a foreign language?  Where else can the mere fact that you speak French, of all things be held against you?  In America of course – at least during a Presidential campaign.

Well, quelle surprise ma Cherie, it’s not that we haven’t seen this before.  Senator John Kerry, whose faultless French should have been a bonus, showing a travelled cultivated intelligent mind, acquainted with the wider world, was castigated during the 2000 campaign simply because he could speak this, the vilest of languages. Instead, his opponent G W Bush, a man who struggled to speak English, made out it was a sign of dangerous anti-Americanism, a definite proof that he was a closet traitor, a dangerous subversive.  Surely this was not the sort of man you could sit down with, have a beer, pass wind and discuss manly things like sport?  French you say?  My the man must be a socialist after all.

In the clip above we see that pasty faced puffed up old hypocrite Gingrich’s friends are trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel by wheeling out this tired old canard and using it again, this time against Mitt Romney.

Still, Mitt might do better than Churchill, heard here impersonating a Speak Your Weight machine back in 1940!

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