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Michelle Obama’s Twitter picture

Social Media is all the rage and Twitter is simply the latest in the range of tools to be appropriated by Politicians.  As one of those of us old enough, I can remember the complete horlicks Government Departments and Local Authorities made of trying out “Homepages” way back in the 1990’s when they discovered the Internet, and  as a new boy to Twitter myself, I wondered what Moochelle, the US’s sainted FLOTUS was making of it.

Politicians are never done thinking we want to know what they do every moment of their dismal committee driven lives. Twitter then should be perfect for them to share their undigested thoughts, as they flit through their brains and out to the wide world.  It has the potential for sparky sharp little bon mots and aphorisms about life inside the beltway.  It also runs the risk of being like broadcasting the Wit and Wisdom of Prince Philip to an unsuspecting world 24/7.

It seems that the State Department has just discovered “Twitter” and feels it might, just might, save the First Lady from herself if she went on it.  Anything to tone down the impact of that book “The Obama’s” by Jody Kantor.  They clearly think it’s hip and wicked, a right down wid da kids app – so just perfect for Moochelle.  They hope that the American people, once they have an opportunity to meet the real Moochell on Twitter might think better of her, and no longer make disparaging remarks about the size of her arse, her dress sense, the bingo wings and armpits, or gossip that she is said to shout loudly at poor working people who are not in a position to shout back.

So Moochelle has arrived this month on Twitter.  Catch her at @MichelleNews

I thought I might follow her for a while and see if it was good or not.  And, I wondered how First Ladies past might have reacted had they been given the opportunity. Would we have the homey toothsucking homilies of Mam Eisenhower discussing decorative jam pot covers, Jackie Kennedy’s insights into fashion elegance and style, or Nancy Reagan’s horoscope of the day?

Oh God what a mistake. It’s none of these.

Tedium personified.  Clearly they have made damn sure ol’ Moochelle is getting nowhere near the keypads and the whole exercise is being run out of the State Department by someone new, very dull and keen not to make any kind of error whatsoever.  Even if that means it is the most stultifying read imaginable.

People seem to agree.  From an initial following of, it was said, 100,000 she has lost 10% already closing down to 91,036 today.

I mean, does this staffer really have the need to give us the whole damn speech that Moochelle delivers to whatever organisation she has attended?  A little editing here would be good.  And as for the rather stiff photos of the family looking starched and a bit embarrassed, remember Kennedy did it better.

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