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The oligarchs are out in force playing all the cards they can to keep their oligarch boy Mitt Romney in the race and ensure he remains a certainty to be given the Republican nomination.

The latest such oligarchical endorsement of Mitt over Newt, the Grinch who will steal all our Christmases, is from one Harrison Ruffin Tyler.

Never heard of him?  Well I’m not surprised, but his name and his support for Mitt over Newt (whom he feels is “a jerk” because of his three marriages) is all over the American papers and internet.  I saw it on Politico.

Harrison Tyler aged 84, has the privilege of being the grandson of the tenth President of the United States John Tyler, who was born in 1790, and who took office in 1841.  Which is remarkable, as it’s like finding a grandson to say, Sir Robert Peel who was a contemporary British Prime Minister.  Although frankly more Americans are likely to have heard of Tyler, than Brits are to have heard of Peel.

Harrison also has a brother, Lyon Gardiner Tyler jr.

President Tyler by George Healy

President Tyler, of an old Virginia family and descended from Pocahontas, did not make much impact during his term of office, leaving in 1845 to pursue a sort of “Carteresque” afterlife floating about “doing good”.  His family though, continued to hold high office with David Gardiner Tyler, who died in 1927, being a US Representative for Virginia and then Senator.  William Tyler born 1902 was a US Representative from Maryland.   Tyler might be best remembered as the great-grand-uncle of President Truman.

The timing smacks of desperation.


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