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Damn it I will make it to the Maine Caucus

The Maine Caucus results are in and they show that Mitt Romney has won. The press are agog.   He has regained the surge to his campaign; the people have spoken.  (Official)

The media circus circled, the lights turned on and we now have a clearer idea of what is the mind of the nation today.

Well maybe.

There were 258,000 Republicans registered to be eligible to vote in the Maine Caucuses and how may voted?


Yep that’s it.  5,600.  The total boondoggle.  5,600, the whole enchilada, the bloody lot.  All five thousand, six hundred of them.  Well whoopy bloody do.  How pathetic.

Frankly its hopeless –  how can anyone, even a statistician, make any kind of prediction on the basis of this hopeless turnout.  How can the spin doctors dress this unforgivable charade of local democracy as a true expression of the will of the people?  They cannot, if they are honest.  But I might be able to suggest some reasons for this embarrasing result.

  1.  It snowed.  Brrr its terrible cold and I  don’t fancy going out to vote. In which case why do they have all the early winter season Caucuses up in the north and not use this as the time to run the warm state ones?
  2. The Republicans really just don’t like the choices given them.  (That will come as real surprise).
  3. Well, Santorum and Gingrich weren’t running so why bother voting for the residue?  This is just a version of number 2 above.
  4. Hey why complain?  It’s up on last time when we managed that huge 5,491 turnout!
  5. The whole thing is just a sodding circus and a rather un-transparent fix.  This last being the most likely.

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